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In 5 Years I've never made this offer...

At the end of 2018, Puzzle Publishers came out. We had two programs and a dream to go big. We offered a monthly membership at a special rate and we had a bunch of people join. They believed in the vision. Investing in their business while investing in ours.

Move forward to 2024

We now have hundreds of members and thousands of customers.

We now have 9 Pocket Products, 9 Standalone products, 14 Pro Products, 5 AI tools, and TONS of hours of trainings, PDF's, 4 Years of Templates, active Facebook group with over 600 members and team of several people.

We haven't stood still - we just keep growing!

Karyn (my wife and partner at PP) and I were having a discussion this weekend and somehow the topic got on how we could deliver even more value to our customers.

Now I want to do something you guys have asked for and I have never offered...

On this sales page, I give you a quick overview of Puzzle Publishers but that's not the main part. I want to give you a chance to get Puzzle Publishers for a One-Time-Price. 

Nope you didn't read that wrong.

We decided to this just this once for a limited time. That's right. No more monthly, yearly, etc. You get all the software, templates, training, etc.

´╗┐Complete VIP level and you never have to pay again.

You get everything that Puzzle Publishers has to offer AND everything Puzzle Publishers introduces in the future!!!

What's the catch?

No catch. No crazy upsells or imaginary "commercial rights license". We already give you the best UNRESTRICTED LICENSE in the industry. We just want to reward you with the best. We have at least 4 more programs and 2 more AI tools we're introducing before the end of 2024 AND we're already laying out the roadmap for 2025.

Are you going to do this again soon?

Nope. I don't plan to offer this again in the future.

Let's invest in your business together.

I hope I proved my point that we're here to stay and want to invest in you and your business just as much as we want to invest in Puzzle Publishers.

Go to the cart at the bottom of page and choose one of two ways to get this special and let's make 2024 the best year ever!!

Rob Borsuk

Rob Borsuk
Founder of Puzzle Publishers


Puzzle Publishers

The #1 Puzzle Building Suite


Hey Struggling Puzzle Creator...

I know what it's like to try and create puzzles.  Maybe you want to make a puzzle book for Amazon.  How about some cool puzzle printables for Etsy?

  • You've tried PowerPoint and it was clunky

  • You've tried Canva but you need design skills

  • You've tried some "free software". Just UGH!

Look, I've been exactly where you are. I want to make some cool puzzle pages and I don't want to waste a day doing it, that's why we created Puzzle Publishers!

Creating Puzzles Has Never Been Easier

14 Amazing Software Programs Included!

*hosted in the cloud - nothing to download*

Simply Maze Crazy Pro

Create mazes with the push of a button.  Dive in deeper to create mazes in shapes, different graphics, use overlays, and even edit the mazes. Yep, even solutions are automatic!

Word Search Crazy Pro

Load up your favorite word list or just type a couple in and easily create word searches, number searches.  Add overlay graphics, background images and more.

Mandala Crazy Pro

This amazing program allows you to create your own mandalas by free-hand or use our guided line mode.  You can add templates and overlays.  Use our auto number tool to create a paint-by-numbers masterpiece!

Graphical Search Crazy Pro

If you think creating word searches is fun, wait till you take it to the next level by using graphical images in your word searches.  Use emojis, custom fonts, or even your own custom images. 

Dot To Dot Crazy Pro

We have the BEST dot-to-dot creator on the internet. Hands down. Load in your image, we auto draw the line and number, then use the magic eraser to erase your image lines. You'll be blown away!

Print It Cut It Solve It Pro

How about turning your favorite image into a puzzle masterpiece!  Simply load it up and we'll slice it up and even shuffle it around for you.  The choices are up to you!

Robot Crazy Builder Pro

Want your own robot graphics to put in your puzzles or other works?  Use our crazy robot builder to create your own.  Super easy to use.

Simply Cutout Crazy Pro

How about creating some stickers for etsy?  Maybe a cool, scissor skill book.  The choices are yours with Simply Cutout Crazy. Load up your image and we do the rest.

Finish The Image Pro

Want to create pictures were the user has to finish the image?  Load up your favorite image, and let the software do the rest.  Hide parts or the image, apply a grid and more.

Crazy Hangman Builder Pro

Everybody loves hangman puzzles.  Create your own with fancy graphics.  Drop a letter list on the page and your ready to go.

Crazy Stretcher Pro

Enhance your pictures or make your puzzles even tougher with Crazy Stretcher Pro. Simple load in your image, select a point and streeeeettccch. It's easy and fun.

Search It Find It Pro

Know those cool iSpy / Where is Waldo books?  How about if you could make those in a matter of minutes.  We even have a builtin graphic library to get you started creating your own hidden object books.

Sudoku Builder Crazy Pro

You haven't seen a Sudoku better this flexible and this much fun!



Pixel Art Designer

From those cool Pixel Art coloring pages to full color by numbers, this program has it for you!

And You Can Download Your Creations In PNG or PDF!

Get Puzzle Publishers Now


5 Artificial Intelligence Programs

to help with your Content

*hosted in the cloud - nothing to download*

Plot Creator

Need help with a plot for your book or short story, AI can help.

Character Creator

Easily create characters for your story or puzzles with AI.

Story Outliner

Let AI help create an outline for your story.

Story Creator

How about letting AI help you create or add to your story?  We got you covered.

Dinosaur Names

Don't ask.  Just give it a try.

These tools are ready for you to use!

Get Puzzle Publishers Now





Printables for baby showers, birthday parties, placemats and more. Sell them on your website or Etsy.  You can always print them out for yourself too.


Make your own maze books, word search books, dot to dots or add them to your puzzle books that you can sell on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and others.


Add them to physical products like coffee mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts and more.

Get Puzzle Publishers Now

Become A Puzzle Publisher

And Get These Amazing Bonuses

New Custom Templates Every Month

We have our own graphic artists designing monthly templates which you get free once a month.

Members Only Facebook Group

Our special group where members help members.  You get special training, offers and more.

Special Trainings To Help You Succeed

A special store right inside of Puzzle Publishers were members get special pricing on our other stuff.

Get Puzzle Publishers Now

You Also Get UNRESTRICTED Rights
To The Puzzle You Create!

*That Means You Can Even Make Your Own PLR Puzzles*

You'll also be put into our VIP Program!

You get every template in our store (several year's worth)
and all the puzzle tools on the site
and all the upcoming tools
and access to the special VIP area